The controlling-check shows which measures are necessary in order to create an effective system for developing and preparing company figures which are relevant to the management. Furthermore, Manuela Wiesinger-Grabmer and her team determine and reveal economization potentials as part of the controlling-check.

Our service for you

Controlling is not only something for the “big ones”. Our references show that small and medium sized enterprises mainly profit from intelligent controlling-processes. This is the reason why we put special focus on customized solutions, individually tailored to the business structures of our clients in the tourism industry. Whether it is a family-run business or a medium sized hotel – the solution must suit the client and not vice-versa.

The approach of the Controlling Service GmbH

  • Analysis of the cash-flow and cost structures of the past two or three years (depending on the availability)
  • Analysis of the liquidity of the past two or three years (depending on the availability)
  • Benchmarking of each cost position
  • Analysis and presentation of optimization and cost-saving potentials
  • Documentation of the results in form of a report
  • Action plan and suggestions regarding the implementation of a continuous controlling respectively definition of the administrative processes in the hotel